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I Will… Ben & Gabby {Sneak Peek}

May 16th, 2016

On Friday afternoon I headed to meet Ben and Gabby at the coast for their engegement shoot. Gabby and I had exchanged a few emails about choosing their location for the shoot as they really wanted to capture the fun within their relationship.

We discussed powder paint fights, picnics boat rides and much more but the day came around a little quickly and with a busy job and wedding planning we hadn’t managed to decide on an activity to bring some fun.

Neither of us needed to have worried, this couple did not need powder paint fights, picnics and boat rides, they brought the fun all by themselves! I had an awesome time with this couple and a usual 1-1.5 hour shoot quickly turned in to 2 hours as they were just a joy to photograph. Gabby brought her freckles and Ben brought his tattoos, two of my favourite thing to shoot!

Ben and Gabby kept each other laughing, we played a few silly games to get them relaxed and I simply shot the magic in front of my lens including some gorgeous romantic images!

I struggled to pick a favourite for their sneak peek as I selected lots of great fun shots that we captured but something just kept pulling me back to this black and white shot they just look so relaxed and so happy that this is my sneak peek…

Norfolk Wedding_060

Huge thanks to Ben & Gabby for being such good fun… I hope you got those fish and chips Gabby! I can’t wait for the wedding!

I Do… Danny & Steph, Kimberley Hall {Favourite Five}

May 4th, 2016

So, Sunday was my second wedding of the bank holiday weekend and it was Danny and Steph’s turn to say I do!

It feels like such a long time ago that they booked me to capture their day and I have since met Emma Danny’s sister who is a very talented photographer and is assisting me on lots of weddings this year! Not this one though, this one she was purely there to enjoy herself and look beautiful as a bridesmaid!

Heather and I arrived at Steph’s parents house, which was full of girls having hair, makeup and lots of fun!

Steph had gone for the most exquisite headpiece and I was genuinely blown away by her incredible, simple dress that looked amazing on her. I may have got rather a lot of shots of the back of this gown it was exquisite!  My first sneak peek is as she descended the stairs to meet her very proud Dad at the bottom.

Their ceremony was at the gorgeous Kimberley Hall, which looked stunning in the sunshine and after capturing the boys having fun with their button holes the guests began to take their seats.

Steph arrived in a family members gorgeous little red MG which I just adored and through chatting we found out its owners were from my home town of Kendal… small world!

They had the most beautiful ceremony and after the ‘kiss’ Steph held Danny’s face for a moment longer and I adore this third sneak peek so full of all the excitement and emotion from their beautiful ceremony.

We had a little time to grab some fun confetti shots after their groups and then we headed off for their couple shots for which Terry kindly loaned us the MG to take down the drive.

After an incredible meal it was time for the funniest speeches I have heard in a long time, Steph’s Dad, Danny and his best man Mike had the whole room in stitches and with more than a little heckling!

After their meal Steph had asked for some images in the rapeseed fields surrounding the venue so we jumped in the car and headed off. The sun had gone in but these were some of my favourite images of the whole day.

Their romantic first dance wad followed by a crazy dance floor and we finished with a few sparkler shots outside before we left for the evening.

It has been super hard to choose my favourite 5, in fact as I write this I still haven’t picked between 2 but here are the ones I have decided upon…

Huge thanks to Steph and Danny for being so wonderful to work with on the day, Kimberley Hall for the yummiest meal, Heather for assisting and Emma and Tom for helping throughout the day!

Danny and Steph have a wonderful honeymoon and I look forward to sharing the rest on your return…


Kimberley Hall Wedding_007 Kimberley Hall Wedding_008 Kimberley Hall Wedding_009 Kimberley Hall Wedding_010 Kimberley Hall Wedding_011

I Do… James & Laura, Chaucer Barn {Favourite Five}

May 3rd, 2016

Bank holiday weekend was a busy one for me with 2 fabulous weddings at 2 incredible (although very different) venues!

First up was James and Laura who got married at the beautiful Hockering Church followed by their reception in a tipi at the stunning Chaucer Barn.

This was my second time at Chaucer this year and the weather couldn’t really have been more different… my last wedding was pretty much rain most of the day but for James and Laura’s I arrived early to big blue skies!

The girls were having a lovely time getting ready together in the rustic old end of the barn. Its rare one of my sneak peeks is a getting ready shot but I adored the image below of Laura getting in to her dress in the flint bedroom… a moment of quiet filled with nerves and excitement as she was helped into the most important dress she will ever wear. Laura works outdoors so rarely gets ‘glammed up’ and this really was her chance to feel rather ‘girly’ for the day!

Arriving at the church the boys were directing guests to their seats but there was no sign of James. I asked his best man who said James was still in the pub… I thought he was joking but nope, James really was still in the pub!

Although James hates lateness Laura used her bride’s prerogative (and a little misdirection by the campervan driver) and arrived a little late… I think James forgave her though as she looked totally incredible.

After a beautiful service and their group shots at the church we headed back to the barn for a relaxed afternoon of drinks and sweet canapés in the gardens before the guests were seated in the tipi’s for a yummy afternoon tea.

Sadly James lost his Dad just a couple of weeks before the wedding so even I teared up as James raised a glass to his Dad but we all felt pretty sure that he was up their bringing the big blue skies and sunshine to make their day perfect.

We finished with a few golden hour shots, one of my all time favourite silhouette shots (below!) and a rather full dance floor!

I have so many images I wanted to share from their day my first selection was actually 39 shots (eeeeek!) it took a while but I have got it down to my favourite 5… I hope you love them James and Laura!

Huge thanks to all their wonderful friends and family and to Emma for assisting me on the day.

Chaucer Barn Wedding_001 Chaucer Barn Wedding_002 Chaucer Barn Wedding_003 Chaucer Barn Wedding_004 Chaucer Barn Wedding_005





I Do… Dan, Rachel… & Jed! {Favourite Five}

April 17th, 2016

So for the second week in a row all the forecasts predicted rain for most of the day yesterday and as Emma and I headed down in to Suffolk it was wet, with a capital W!

We met the girls getting ready in the most beautiful hotel room and it was drizzling, for most of the morning! Even though they had a marquee in a field Rachel wasn’t going to let the weather bother her and had a wonderful morning getting ready with her super fun bridesmaids and lovely mum. Dan and Rachel’s gorgeous little boy Jed joined them for a little of the getting ready and was a little star, I have never seen a smilier little guy and he loved being with all the ladies in the morning!

As times ran a little late Rachel started to get nervous but as she got in to her lace dress and veil she looked incredible. We headed over to the church and it carried on raining… the boys were pinning buttonholes on and the guests were arriving with brollies.

Rachel was due to arrive in their old camper but it had a little engine trouble yesterday and actually broke down en route… she didn’t’ let it phase her but jumped in with the bridesmaids and got to the church (almost) on time! She power walked up the church path, you guess it, in the rain!

They had the most beautiful personal ceremony at the church in her parent’s village. I loved the moment she arrived at the top of the aisle with her proud Dad Robin and her and Dan just grinned at each other so this is my first sneak peek.

When they left the church we weren’t sure if it would be rain or shine but it was DRY and we managed to get all their group photos and gorgeous confetti shots down the path outside.

Dan works as a marquee erector and back at their venue had put up a huge incredible marquee in a field, it had heat, fairy lights, clear panelled walls and separate areas for sitting, WC’s and coat and pram storage, it was amazing!

We headed out for their couple shots and took their little boy Jed with us for the first 10 mins. Having made friends with him in the morning he held my hand and was a little star, smiling in all the right places and I think having a wonderful time having his photo taken with Mummy and Daddy!

While we were shooting the sun came out and the day turned into a warm spring sunny day they really wanted.

There were some wonderful places to take their photos in the gardens of a gorgeous manor house, we were a little spoilt for choice and I found an incredible old timber barn! Back at the marquee we had the fabulous speeches followed by the most incredible meal by Brasteds who I have to say always create the most wonderful wedding food.

In the evening the sun dipped behind the clouds and trees but we managed to get out for a few glimpses of it before their cake cut and first dance.

We had a wonderful day with their lovely family and very fun friends and I can’t wait to share more images but for now here are their sneak peeks, my favourite five…


Katherine Ashdown Photography Wedding_034 Katherine Ashdown Photography Wedding_035 Katherine Ashdown Photography Wedding_036 Katherine Ashdown Photography Wedding_037 Katherine Ashdown Photography Wedding_038

Huge thank you to Rachel and Dan for our amazing meal and all their friends and family for being fun and helpful on the day, also to Emma for doing a wonderful job of assisting as ever!

I Do… David & Philippa ~ Chaucer Barn {Favourite Five}

April 11th, 2016

The wedding season has officially started for me, it began in March but really kicks off now and my first full day wedding of the year was on Saturday at the incredible Chaucer Barn.  Chaucer is one of my all time favourite Norfolk venues so it couldn’t have been a better start for me!

As we set off to the barn it was looking a little grey and drizzly and the weather was meant to stay rainy pretty much all day. I arrived with the girls getting ready in the old flint part of the barn and having a lovely time together doing hair, makeup and gifts. Philippa didn’t seem worried about the weather and I always say it is one part of the day you have no control over so relax and go with the flow and she did! The amazing Swaffham and Fakenham Florist did her flowers and they were so pretty I have lots of gorgeous shots of them!

I headed to the boys for their getting ready shots they were laughing and joking and I knew then it was going to be a really FUN wedding! Back with Philippa and she was ready to get in to her dress. Her mum helped her in which is such a special moment and as Philippa looked over her shoulder and her mum Alison glimpsed her looking ready she started to tear up… this is my first sneak peek as it was such a magical moment.

They had a beautiful ceremony in the banqueting hall and her lovely Step-dad Nick walked her down the stairs, up the aisle and gave her away. There was a really funny moment where best man Kev was a little too keen to hand over the rings and stood up before he was needed and this is one of my favourite moments!

After the ceremony it was still wet so we captured their group shots inside. Just as we finished these the weather cleared and David, Philippa and I headed straight out to take advantage of the dry in the beautiful grounds. They were literally up for anything and Philippa was even happy to clamber round in the woodshed on the logs and in the sawdust but it made for some EPIC images!  As soon as we arrived back the heavens opened and it didn’t really stop then for the rest of the day!

They had a wonderful meal and after some very funny speeches it was time to cut the cake and for the first dance. While their guests gathered for the cake cut we spent a couple of minutes with some of our lighting capturing something a little different for them with their gorgeous festoon lights and this is my final sneak peek…

Huge thank you to David and Philippa for braving the weather and the woodshed and to their lovely friends and family who were a joy to work with on the day… perfect start to my 2016 wedding season! Thanks also to Heather as always being a wonderful assistant.

Here are my favourite Five…

Chaucer Barn Wedding_001  Chaucer Barn Wedding_006 Chaucer Barn Wedding_007 Chaucer Barn Wedding_004 Chaucer Barn Wedding_005




I Do… Noel & Issy ~ Chaucer Barn

April 8th, 2016

Chaucer Barn wedding_033


Tomorrow I am back at one of my all time favourite Norfolk wedding venues the stunning Chaucer Barn. It’s my second wedding of 2016 and really kicks off a very busy wedding season for me and I can’t wait.

So in preparation for tomorrow I thought I would share another Spring Chaucer wedding for you, this one of the lovely Noel and Issy and it really was an incredible day!

I met Issy and her family all getting ready at her parents beautiful converted mill the home Issy had grown up in. It is lovely to shoot brides at ‘home’ as these images are always so poignant especially if this is the house the bride has grown up in and in Issy’s parents house it was a rather beautiful place to capture the getting ready!

When Issy showed me her dress I did a little happy dance… I LOVE shooting brides in different dresses and this was incredible… pale pink, short and with a bit of a vintage feel and what’s more she looked incredible in it.

Their beautiful ceremony took place at Aldborough Church which is a super pretty little village church with grounds full of bluebells. They came out to a sword arch which I loved and then we all headed back to the gorgeous Chaucer for the party and boy did these family and friends know how to party!

We had big blue skies and a pretty golden hour all in all this day was pretty perfect, here are just a few of my favourite shots…


Chaucer Barn wedding_001 Chaucer Barn wedding_002 Chaucer Barn wedding_003 Chaucer Barn wedding_004 Chaucer Barn wedding_006 Chaucer Barn wedding_007 Chaucer Barn wedding_008 Chaucer Barn wedding_009 Chaucer Barn wedding_010 Chaucer Barn wedding_011 Chaucer Barn wedding_012 Chaucer Barn wedding_013 Chaucer Barn wedding_015 Chaucer Barn wedding_016 Chaucer Barn wedding_017 Chaucer Barn wedding_019 Chaucer Barn wedding_020 Chaucer Barn wedding_021 Chaucer Barn wedding_023 Chaucer Barn wedding_024 Chaucer Barn wedding_025 Chaucer Barn wedding_026 Chaucer Barn wedding_027 Chaucer Barn wedding_028 Chaucer Barn wedding_029 Chaucer Barn wedding_030 Chaucer Barn wedding_031 Chaucer Barn wedding_032 Chaucer Barn wedding_033 Chaucer Barn wedding_034 Chaucer Barn wedding_035 Chaucer Barn wedding_036 Chaucer Barn wedding_037 Chaucer Barn wedding_038 Chaucer Barn wedding_040 Chaucer Barn wedding_041 Chaucer Barn wedding_042 Chaucer Barn wedding_043 Chaucer Barn wedding_044 Chaucer Barn wedding_045 Chaucer Barn wedding_046 Chaucer Barn wedding_047 Chaucer Barn wedding_048 Chaucer Barn wedding_049 Chaucer Barn wedding_050 Chaucer Barn wedding_051 Chaucer Barn wedding_052 Chaucer Barn wedding_058 Chaucer Barn wedding_059 Chaucer Barn wedding_060

Our Life… The Brownes

April 7th, 2016

It was so lovely to see this gorgeous little family again on Tuesday. I shot Jess and Mark’s engagement shoot a couple of years ago with their gorgeous little girl Winnie and then their wedding at the lovely Narborough Hall.

Now there is a ‘bump’ and I am so excited for them to be adding to their family.

Jess and Mark chose the beautiful Narborough Hall for their shoot as this is where they got married it had special meaning to them.  We had a lovely time exploring the grounds which are stunning and Winnie had fun finding 2 swings, an amazing tree house a log house and a secret garden!

I have so many gorgeous shots from this shoot but I had to share these 2. I think Winnie got her own sneak peek last time so I had to do the same again… then I just adored this B&W in the grand hallway at Narborough.

I can’t wait to meet their new addition in a few months time!

bump Shoot Norfolk_009 bump Shoot Norfolk_010

Thanks so much for another awesome shoot guys! x

I Will… Gary & Katie {Sneak Peek}

April 1st, 2016

So my second shoot on Tuesday was to meet Gary and Katie for their engagement shoot. The weather couldn’t decide what it was doing but we had dark grey skies and some gorgeous sunshine!

Katie and Gary have been guests at least 2 weddings I have shot and when I met them what must be 18 months ago now to talk about their wedding plans I felt like I had known them for years. It helps that Katie is also in to her photography and is very crafty so they are spending lots of time making items for the wedding that I can’t wait to see.

On booking the shoot in the Spring Katie wanted the images to feel ‘Spring like’ and you can’t get more Spring than daffodils so I felt this had to be their sneak peek!

We certainly made the most of the weather as by the time we got back to the cars it had clouded over!

Engagement Shoot Norfolk_006


I can’t wait for the wedding and to see a few familiar faces there!



I Will… Tony, Belinda & Todd {Sneak Peek}

April 1st, 2016

Tony and Belinda are getting married this summer with their reception at the gorgeous Titchwell Manor. When they booked me for their big day they also really wanted to have a shoot with their old dog Todd and chose the beautiful village of Oxborough for their shoot.

We met at The Beddingfield Arms where Todd was quite happy in front of the fire but we managed to persuade him to come out for a few shots. He is such a softie but can’t walk too far so we just had a little stroll up the lane and on the green before dropping him back with Belinda’s mum in front of that fire and heading off for a few more shots of Tony and Belinda together.

I have some gorgeous images from our session but I just had to share this shot with the lovely Todd as their sneak peek…

Engagement Shoot Norfolk_004



I can’t wait for the wedding!

Our Life… at the beach!

March 30th, 2016

My second shoot of the day on Saturday was this super cute family.

We had a walk along the woods at the back of the beach and finished with the beach huts. As the shoot went on the sky got progressivly darker but luckily the weather held out until the very end when I jumped in the car to drive home and story Katy began!

I had a lovely time with these guys at the beach and even made a new friend when their little girl held my hand on the way back to the cafe and I helped her choose a cake.

Such a perfect end to a lovely day and I have some gorgeous shots to show them in a few weeks time!

Family Shoot Norfolk_003

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