Our Life… Julie, Helen & The Girls {Sneak Peek}

Here come the Girls! What could be better than a shoot with your girlfriends?

So often I find I am shooting children and families which is obviously fantastic but sometimes I feel some of the the most important relationships in our lives don’t get captured in this way. I am not sure why this is, perhaps it is just tradition that families have shoots of themselves and the children but I think sometimes it is nice to celebrate a relationship of best friends, mother and daughter, father and grandfather, these are hugely important relationships in our lives and how wonderful to be able to look back on gorgeous shots of you and your best friend when you are old and grey.

These ladies are anything but old and gray and Julie decided to book this shoot for her best friend (since the age of 4 no less!) Helen. They both have children and their girls were born just 2 weeks apart (unplanned they assure me!)

So we had a ‘girls shoot’, we all got wrapped up and went for a lovely walk in Helen’s village of Swannington and had a ball. Here is one of my favourite shots of the day with the ladies looking just happy and relaxed and loving some ‘girl time’.

Thank you for a lovely shoot ladies and for reminding me how important some of the less photographed of our relationships are. I hope you had a lovely lunch together x

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